HUB Common Faults and Solutions ; Common problems and solutions

A HUB (HUB) is common equipment used in the local area network (LAN). In general, but by observing whether the indicator light is connected to the HUB port shine can determine whether the network connection is normal. For 10/100 m adaptive HUB, but also by connecting to port lights of different colors to determine the computer is connected is working in the condition of 10 m, or 100 m


A hub in the application of 100 m network fault

In the local area network (LAN), when the network connection range is larger, can pass between the HUB cascade expansion of network transmission distance. Maximum of cascade level 4 in 10 m network, make the maximum 600 m of the network. But when the network from 10 m to upgrade to the 100 m or 100 m to create a new LAN, if using ordinary methods to connection of 100 m HUB will lead to local area network can't work normally. As is known to all, in the 100 m network allows only two 100 m's HUB for cascade, and the connection between the two 10 m HUB distance not greater than 5 m, so 100 m LAN when using the HUB maximum distance of 205 m. If the actual distance connection do not conform to the requirements of the above, the network will not be able to connect. It must cause the enough attention of Internet users, otherwise


Hubs in application of cascading failure

Some unit to form a local area network (LAN), for example, USES two 16 mouth (with a cascade port) 10 m Shared HUB, all computers through the HUB and total computer connected to the HUB. The HUB is connected to the HUB through the cascade port B port on 16th, HUB B level through the port connected to the HUB of total rooms, each other ports connected workstation. The workstation using a static IP address. Each workstation set before actually connect to the server, use the Ping command to test, the results are all connected, and the HUB of A connect all the workstations can also Ping HUB is connected workstation B. But, when connected to the server, only the HUB B workstations connected to the login server,


Transmission medium type of fault

Local area network (LAN) used in the transmission medium mainly twisted-pair cable and coaxial cable, twisted pair is commonly used in star structure of the network wiring, wiring and cable used in main line structure. When there is failure, network transmission medium in most case, it cannot directly from its own point of failure, to find and to use other devices (such as network card, HUB, etc.) or the operating system to determine the fault.